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Accommodation Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you read and understand the following terms & conditions.

Payment of deposit constitutes acceptance of these terms & conditions which cannot be altered without request made to Alpine Valley Getaways via email or in writing. Please ensure you read all information forwarded with booking confirmation to your nominated email address.


For an unknown period the conditions below may override some standard terms & conditions.  All other standard terms & conditions will apply.

Alpine Valley Getaways will follow all government or council initiated restrictions applying to the Alpine Shire.

  • If travel is officially restricted during the time of your booking, Alpine Valley Getaways agrees to offer a full fee-free credit which won't expire or a full refund.  This policy will apply within the dates of government mandated restrictions, cancellations further out than 7 days or beyond declared dates will incur normal cancellation policies. 
  • Bookings made via 3rd party websites with held payments (AirBnB, Stayz) will incur the cancellation policy of the website booked, or we will assist with facilitating changes as per terms via those sites.  We will reach out with instructions once your dates are officially declared as restricted.
  • A special 10% deposit will apply temporarily to secure bookings via AVG.  The balance will be payable 7 days prior to arrival however standard full cancellation fees will apply if travel is not restricted.
  • This special policy will NOT apply to ski season bookings if the 2021 or 2022 ski season has not commenced or skiing is not possible.  The policy will only apply if travel restrictions are imposed.
  • Standard cancellation terms will apply to all other scenarios involving covid-19, as with any other personal issue requiring last minute cancellations.  Most travel insurance policies will cover the need for last minute cancellations due to covid-19 outside of government mandates - Alpine Valley Getaways strongly recommends that all customers purchase domestic travel insurance.
  • For group bookings that might exceed government regulations on household numbers, will be required to reduce their guest numbers accordingly but will not be entitled to a special cancellation policy or refund.
  • Back to back bookings will not always be available during the presence of Covid-19 to ensure the completion of strict cleaning & linen protocols.
  • Alpine Valley Getaways will ask guests to agree to amendments to our standard agreement to assist in protecting our guests, our team & our community.

    This will include but not be limited to :

  • ALL guests & visitors to the property check-in via the QR provided at the property.
  • Alpine Valley Getaways may be required by law to collect the name & address/phone number of all staying guests, including photo ID.
  • Guests agree to maintain required visitor numbers to the household at all times based on state regulations.
  • Guests will inform Alpine Valley Getaways of any guests visiting who have recently returned from overseas, or may be showing signs of illness.
  • Alpine Valley Getaways will supply single use amenities and soap hand wash throughout, as per normal set-up.  Hand sanitiser cannot be provided and needs to be supplied by guests.
  • Spare blankets & throws will be removed from properties under covid-safe measures.  Guests should bring any extra amenities they might require.
  • A request to assist with basic safety measures such as removing and safely bagging bed linen & towels prior to departure, putting own rubbish in outside bins, airing out properties etc. Simple measures but extremely important.
  • Some properties will require guests provide their own bedding & pillows during the presence of Covid-19.

Please feel free to contact Alpine Valley Getaways with any specific queries or requests.  Stay safe, wash your hands!



1. Bookings are not considered confirmed until a 10% deposit has been received via

  • Direct deposit – Details for bank deposit will be forwarded to guests upon acceptance of booking. ·
  • Credit card – Payment is accepted by Visa or Mastercard.  Your confirmation will offer a link to click to pay securely on-line.  Payments can be made at any time via your 'booking manager' link in your confirmation.  Credit card payments will attract a 1.1% fee added to the payment.
  • Cheque – Cheque is only accepted as a payment method if cheque is cleared at least 21 days prior to arrival. Cheque is not an accepted form of payment for finalisation of booking.

Upon receiving or processing of deposit a confirmation will be sent to the issued email address as confirmation of booking & receipt of payment.  If this confirmation is not received, it is the responsibility of the guest to inform AVG to ensure confirmation of booking & receipt of payment.

PAYMENT PLANS are available at the time of booking. Full terms:

All directions, property inclusions & exclusions and personalised information is contained within the emailed booking confirmations.  It is assumed that guests will thoroughly read all information sent to them.  AVG takes NO responsibility for guests not reading the information sent and for not being aware of declared exclusions or important information.

2. Deposits are payable within 4 days of booking unless otherwise stipulated in booking confirmation. If guests require amendments to this policy it is their responsibility to contact AVG via email or in writing. Failure to make contact or pay deposit allows AVG the right to re-book the property.

Balance of payment is payable at least 7 days prior to arrival via direct deposit or credit card

3. Cancellation policies are outlined upon acceptance of booking and are:

  • We offer a deposit refund (administration fee as outlined below) if cancellation is made 45 days or more before the booking date.  
  • If a cancellation is made between 7 - 45 days, you are entitled to transfer your booking to a later date in an off-peak period.  The replacement booking must equate to the same monetary value as the cancelled booking or AVG is entitled to claim 50% of the booking difference per night. The booking can only be transferred to the same property.
  • If  a cancellation is made 7 days prior to arrival, all payment is forfeited.  Alpine Valley Getaways agrees to refund any portion of payment that can be re-couped if the reserved property can be re-booked.
  • All bookings which require a refund will incur a $41 administration fee.  

*If you have booked via a 3rd party booking site such as AirBnB,,, their cancellation policy will override this.  Please ensure you are familiar with the policy you have agreed to at the time of booking.

All cancellations must be received in writing via email to be applied.

4. The number of occupants shall not exceed the agreed number at time of arrival. Any extra guests than agreed upon at time of booking must be declared at least 5 days prior to arrival, and payment must be made accordingly. If the number of guests exceeds agreed numbers AVG reserves the right to gain immediate possession of the property with no refund.

5. Standard check-in time is from 2pm on date of arrival (Some properties are 3pm). Check-out time is 10am on date of departure.

  • Late check-out may be arranged subject to availability. AVG reserves the right to cancel late check-outs due to last minute bookings.
  • Failure to depart by 10am without prior arrangement of late check-out will incur a fee of $25 per hour.

6. AVG requires the holding of credit card details (if CC details have not been provided prior) as security for damage, excess cleaning costs & extra charges incurred as outlined below. A $500 pre-authorisation will be activated on the morning of arrival and will be deactivated 7 days after departure if no funds are required to be retained for cleaning or damage.

Payment of deposit constitutes agreement that the provided credit card can be used to re-claim costs involved with issues at the booked accommodation -

  • Accommodation is to be left in the condition in which it was found in relation to building, asset, grounds & cleanliness. This includes furniture & fittings being returned their original position.

Credit card details will be held and charges will be processed relevant to the incident if : ·

  • Building, asset or grounds are damaged and deemed in need of repair or replacement. If guests believe building, asset or grounds to be damaged upon arrival, it is their responsibility to inform AVG immediately to avoid incurring costs related to this damage.
  • Extra charges may be incurred if moved furniture is not replaced on departure due to the inclusion of extra staff for OH&S reasons. ·
  • Excess cleaning is necessary beyond what would be considered reasonable inclusive of dry cleaning in relation to pet hair, deep cleaning of mattresses & the removal of cigarette smells (all properties are strictly non-smoking).
  • Guests fail to depart by 10am on departure date without prior arrangement of late check-out (as outlined in 5).

7. Well behaved pets are permitted only at said ‘pet friendly’ properties and are strictly NOT permitted at any other properties. It is the guest’s responsibility to inform AVG that pets will be in attendance. If guests fail to declare pets, AVG reserves the right to gain immediate possession of the property with no refund. Strict rules apply to all pet friendly properties, these rules apply to dogs - cats are not permitted under any circumstances :

  • Pets are not permitted to enter the property unattended, wet or dirty.
  • Dogs must NEVER be left inside the accommodation without an owner present - if a dog is left inside unattended instant eviction will apply with no refund.
  • Your information will indicate whether the property is fenced or not. Some dogs are crafty houdini's and some jump like Olympian pole vaulters.  We cannot guarantee that your dog will not outsmart the boundaries so please use your sensibility when leaving the dog alone.
  • Alpine Shire dog policies require a maximum of 2 dogs to be present at any property.  Special permits are required to bring 3 or more dogs to any property within the Alpine Shire.  3 dogs or more residing in a property without a permit may be removed by Alpine Shire Rangers.
  • Pets are STRICTLY prohibited from using beds or furniture. Bedding or mat & equipment is to be provided by owners. A dry cleaning charge will apply if pet hair needs to be removed from bedding & furniture or is excessive on mats & carpets.  Please do not attempt to put a blanket on a bed for your dog, do not allow dogs on furniture under any circumstances. 
  • Dogs are not to be washed inside the property in baths or showers.
  • Please do not wash dog blankets in the properties machine.  We are pretty sure the next guests will not appreciate your dogs hair in the cycle with their babies clothes.  
  • If your dog is a shedder, please use sensibility and keep them off areas where hair will be an issue or please clean up their hair before you leave.  Please try at all times to limit your dogs access to tiled or floored areas whenever possible.
  • Owners are responsible for removing any mess in gardens upon vacating the property.  Please respect our housekeepers & future guests by cleaning up your dogs mess - no-one else should have to and I'm sure you agree.
  • Please ensure your dogs do not claw at fly screens.  Any claw holes in screens will require full replacement at the guest's expense.
  • Failure to comply with regulations could incur additional charges and may result in eviction from the property with no refund
  • Some dog friendly properties are fenced, some are unfenced.  It is 100% the guest's responsibility to determine whether the property will be suitable for the needs of their particular breed.  Some small dogs and dogs that jump/escape may not be secure at any properties, even those considered fully fenced - it is assumed that all dogs travelling with owners will be well behaved and will not attempt to leave the property.  Again, the onus of responsibility lies with the owner to enquire about the needs of their dog.

8. It is the guest’s responsibility to determine whether bedding & linen will be supplied with their accommodation based on information contained in the confirmation information.  Please allow at least 5 days notice if you would like AVG to provide linen at your property.  

9. AVG takes no responsibility for personal property left at the accommodation during or on departure of guest’s stay, however we will endeavour to return items found left on premises.  If items are left at a property, we require the guest to please:

  • Contact AVG immediately with details & location of the item.
  • Mail a stamped, self addressed envelope suitable for your item to 11 Wills Street, Bright 3741.

Items are held for a maximum of 2 weeks and will then be donated to charity.

10. AVG takes no responsibility for bookings taken via phone or internet without prior inspection of the property.

  • Guests must be aware that as all our properties are in country or bush settings there is always a risk of bugs, spiders, snakes & bats being within the vicinity of the property. Although all care is taken to avoid their entry to the property, and prompt removal will be undertaken, standard cancellation policies will still apply should the guests simply disapprove of bugs & animals.

11. Upon payment of deposit and acceptance of terms & conditions, guests agree to respect the privacy and right to quiet of neighbours and other guests. Guests agree to behave in an orderly conduct and take full responsibility for their actions, behaviour and any incidents which may occur during their stay. AVG takes no responsibility for injury or incident caused by irresponsible or disorderly behaviour or conduct.

12. Guests understand that individual property owners may have their own set of terms & conditions which the guest agrees to abide by or discuss directly with the property owner.

13. All information and photos included in this website were accurate at time of creation. Although care is taken, AVG takes no responsibility for changes to property, pricing or facility which may have occurred. All bookings are made in good faith, AVG takes no responsibility for any issues which may arise directly between guests and property owners.

14. In the event of unforseen situations where a property may be deemed unfit or not available for stay for any reason, AVG reserves the right to find other suitable accommodation for the entirety or remainder of ones stay or offer a full refund.

15. AVG agrees to share guest’s personal information only with the property owner of booked accommodation for the purpose of communication or payment. Guest’s will be notified if their credit card details will be shared with property owners. Personal information being – Name, contact numbers, email addresses, home address, credit card or payment details.

16. Some AVG properties have a pool on-site or are located in close proximity to rivers & dams. Although all pools have approved fencing there are always risks involved around water for children & adults. The local rivers are not fenced and pose great risks to children when unattended. AVG & the individual property owners take NO RESPONSIBILITY for any incidents occurring in or around the water. We are immensely concerned for children's safety, please use caution around water and never leave children unattended.   The onus of responsibility of guests around water lies 100% on the person making the booking.  

17.  In the event of a natural disaster interrupting your ability to remain safely at your accommodation or arrive at your destination, AVG will issue full refunds minus the non-refundable booking fee.  Refunds will not be issued if your property resides in an area deemed safe and if your travelling path is unrestricted.

  • In an event where authorities are recommending visitors leave (such as a 'WATCH & ACT') or do not travel to the area, AVG agrees to fully refund days that authorities recommend distance.  It is anticipated that if the following day offers downgraded warnings or restrictions, the booking will continue as normal.  Alternatively, if guest's do not wish to travel the following day on their own account, AVG agrees to offer a transfer of dates for the same length stay at a later date.
  • In the event of a declared 'CODE RED' day impeding travel to the area, AVG agrees to refund payment made for the day that travel is not recommended.  It is anticipated that if the following day offers downgraded warnings or restrictions, the booking will continue as normal.  Alternatively, if guest's do not wish to travel the following day on their own account, AVG agrees to offer a transfer of dates for the same length stay at a later date.

  • In the event of a declared 'CODE RED' day while guests are in attendance, AVG agrees to offer a refund of the remaining stay if a guest feels they do not wish to stay in the region. 
  • AVG takes no responsibility for the safety & wellbeing of guests while in residence at the time of any natural disasters or events.  AVG will however endeavor to provide as much communication and local information to guests as possible.  It is 100% the guest's responsibility to make all decisions & choices regarding their safety and plans.
  • AVG will not offer any refunds or transfers for any other inconvenient weather - such as rain, lack of snow, heat without fire warnings, wind etc.
  • In the event of a PANDEMIC or social health situation, Alpine Valley Getaways will follow all government advice and wil work with guests to create an outcome suitable for all parties.  Alpine Valley Getaways will offer credits at the same property in off-peak periods to anyone falling outside government warning restriction dates. Guests impacted should contact Alpine Valley Getaways directly as procedures will change daily.

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