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Pineapple Express

Coronation Avenue, Bright

The sequel you’ve all been asking for. The dopest time on your bike is back for more hits: Pineapple Express

Take a hit of the awesome trails at Mystic Bike Park and win piles of $50 notes – the pineapples.

Ride lap after lap with uplift shuttles for two days – the express.

In typical Blue Dirt style you do not have to be the fastest to win the pineapples. Last year five lucky riders won $1,500 cash and a season pass each.

It’s simple: within the Mystic Bike Park there will be some timed segments, not many. Ride them as many or as little times as you like over the Pineapple Express weekend. Your fastest time on each segment will combine to provide your total “Pineapple Express Time”.

Now here’s the smoke on the water: you don’t have to be fastest to win.

Timed segments are held on a mixture of Blue / Black / Double Black gravity trails. There will be a blue alternate route for each black / double black segment. There will be multiple routes to get to each section including easier routes and the tech route.

There are no categories – everyone is equal.

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