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Bright and Victoria's High Country is an adventure seeker's ultimate playground!

The array of adventure activities in Bright & Surrounds spans from the valley rivers to the tops of the highest peaks.

Bring your mountain bike, wax up your board, stretch your wings or let our professional & experienced adventure guides take care of everything.  Create your perfect adrenaline PLAYLIST here!

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Guided Bike Tours - Alpine Expeditions
Underground River Walk - Mount Buffalo National Park
Bright Flight Paragliding
Mountain Biking Lesson - With Extra 30 Minutes FREE
Southern Fly Fishing Adventures
Winter Rock Climbing - Bright Adventure Company
Whitewater Rafting King River - Bright Adventure Company
Mt Bogong Snowshoe Tour - Bright Adventure Company
Kayak and Paddle Board Hire - Bright Adventure Company
Underground River Caving - Bright Adventure Company
Beginner Rock Climbing - Bright Adventure Company
The Cathedral Explorer - Bright Adventure Company
Whitewater Kayaking Tour - Bright Adventure Company
Beginner Abseiling Adventure - Bright Adventure Company
Cliff Picnic Mount Buffalo - Bright Adventure Company
Karr's Reef Goldmine Tours
Adventure Guides Australia
Mount Buffalo National Park
Blue Dirt Mountain Biking
Bright Adventure Company
Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing
Bogong Horseback Adventures
Dinner Plain Alpine Village
Alpine Walking Guides
High Country Scenic Tours
Rocky Valley Bikes, Snow Sports and Tours
Winter Trail Running Mt Bogong - Bright Adventure Company

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