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Katy Perry Concert Bright Victoria


Was it a dream? Was Katy Perry really here in Bright? She certainly was, and in what was an historic concert event the American superstar performed in honour of the region's emergency services personnel who battled recent bushfires.

The free concert, which was held on March 11 at the same venue used at the Brighter Days Festival, attracted 6,000 very happy and excited people - many of whom were star-struck children (and their star-struck parents).

Photo courtesy of Jessie Brewster...
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Mountain bike lessons Bright Victoria

Learning The Ride Way: Personal MOUNTAIN BIKING LESSONS In Bright

If you’re eager to tackle the world-class mountain bike trails of Bright but you’re not sure your skills are up to it, a lesson with an experienced local might be the solution. 

Bright, and North East Victoria more broadly, is renowned for its mountain biking trails which cater for a diverse range of skills and interests.  

One day can see you plunging through the pines on the gravity trails of Bright Mystic, the next tackling the technical, rocky descents of Mount Beauty; another day...

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Kayaking Bright Victoria


It’s my turn. 

I’ve purposely waited to go last in our group of seven, trying to learn as much as I can about how best to kayak the torrent of water that gurgles and gnarls before me.  

“Aim to my left,” yells our guide, Tim, who’s strategically positioned in the midst of the approaching rapids. The water quickens beneath me. A thrust of my hips to the right doesn’t quite get me orientated correctly, so I quickly stab my paddle into the water, only to head further right. Damn. I’ve dipped...

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Down A Rock From a High Place: ABSEILING Mount Buffalo

A fear of heights may not be the best phobia to have before taking on an abseiling experience.  

The desire to beat this fear was what brought me to the stunning granite outcrops and cliff faces that adorn Mount Buffalo, just 45 minutes from Bright. 

Another was the knowledge that this abseiling experience was being conducted by Tim Shaw from Bright Adventure Company. I’d met Tim a few times previously, and my impression of him had been a friendly, easy going, experienced and imminently ...

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Reed & Co Distillery Bright

FOOD AND DRINK SCENE: The Spirit driving Bright’s new gin bar

Take a former mechanics workshop, decades old and nearing the end of its working life. Add in two chefs with a passion for new flavours and delicious, local produce. Mix in a taste for gin, and a close relationship with a coffee roaster and bakery business. 

Stir thoroughly, and you’ve got the fresh, vibrant space that now houses Reed & Co Distillery and Sixpence Coffee. 

Reed & Co Distillery, which opened in late 2017, is the creation of local chefs Rachel Reed and Hamish Nugent, former...

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