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Essential Yoga - Renew

73 Churchill Avenue, Bright

Experience the divine union of yoga and essential oils in this two hour workshop of yoga, meditation, essential oils and pranayama.

Explore a sequence of Hatha yoga poses, both yin and yang styles, as you work with specific oils to help the body and mind move to a holistic state of being.

You will leave feeling refreshed, balanced and more in tune with your innate natural state of harmony.

Included in the event is two hours of yoga, doTERRA Essential Oils, mats and props, however feel free to bring your own.

This month: Renew

This months oils will encourage the release of toxins from the body and mind. Basil helps to keep an open mind while Rosemary helps dispel negativity. The hips are an area we tend to store stress and hold tension. A restorative yin sequence focussed on opening the hips stimulates the kidneys and liver meridians to clear energetic and physical blockages. Students have the opportunity to experience the power of aromatherapy as a way to stay with intentional breath and focus, to facilitate releasing and softening into their practice. Myrrh and Zendocrine blend combined with the hip opening poses encourages the body to “replenish” itself.

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